Saito FA-62B 10,2cc 4-takts Metanolmotor

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Artikelnummer: SAFA-62B
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Saito FA-62B 10,2cc 4-takts Metanolmotor


This engine is designed and manufactured based on high efficiency and durability of the first AAC method in the world. AAC: Aluminum Piston, Aluminum Cylinder - Hardchrome Plated. SAITO FA-62B engines have been designed placting emphasis on the lightweight and compact.


  • Cylinder: By the monolithic structure of cylinder head and cylinder with direct hard chrome plated inner surface without using cylinder liner, this engine emphasizes durability while it also offers lightweight and distortion-free structure with improved cooling efficiency.
  • Piston: High silicon content aluminum is used in the piston construction. It also has a compression ring that increases the engine’s efficiency.
  • Crankshaft: Made of solid chrome molybdenum steel, and supported by two ball bearings.
  • Combustion chamber: Increased combustion efficiency with improved hemispherical shape.
  • Exhaust sound: Real-plane-like exciting exhaust sound.
  • Weight: Lightest level in the class.
  • Mounting dimensions: The same with those of FA-50 & 56.


  • Application: 4-stroke .50 or 2-stroke .30-.40 class
  • Displacement: 10.24 cc
  • Stroke: 19.0 mm
  • Bore: Ø26.2 mm
  • Motor weight: 420 g (Approx. 470 g with muffler)
  • Practical RPM Range: 2000-11.500
  • Max RPM on the ground (stationary): 9500-10.500
  • Propeller size: APC 12x6"-12x8" & 13x5"-13x6"
  • Propeller Static thrust APC 12x6": 2.3 kg / APC 13x6": 2.5 kg
  • Fuel: Good quality modelfuel with synthetic oil and 10-20% nitro content
  • Fuel consumption: Aprox. 20 cc/min (At full throttle 10.200 rpm)

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